What's Next?

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After our look at stories in Genesis is complete we will take a week and talk a topic that the students wish to discuss. Then we will dive into a study on the book of Galatians.

July 14-17 is this year's UNITE camp. We will be doing a spring fundraiser to help cover student cost. it will be $75 a student this covers all their needs. for more information visit  UNITEShelby.com

What's Now?

9am on Mother's Day May 9th the Youth will be serving a Pancake Breakfast. we see this as a great opportunity for our youth to serve the church and for the church to see the youth they might normally get to see on Wednesday nights.

Donations to the Youth Fund are encouraged as this is a great opportunity to raise funds for the Youth Group and their future.

The Youth will be diving into the Book of Genesis and going over some the major stories that come from it! We will also be discussing what we are to learn from them and how we can apply these stories to fit our lives today !

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Landon Sullivan 

Youth Director



Thank you to all who are donating snacks!

We are still looking for volunteers to help supervise on Wednesday nights, if you are interested please let Landon or Bro. Scott know!

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Bessemer, Alabama 35022



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